The Photographer

The Photographer

Picture Beutnagel-Buchner Uwe Beutnagel-Buchner is an amateur photographer, born in Hannover, Germany, resident since many years in Stuttgart, Germany. He started with photography begin of the nineteen eighties and developed and printed his photographs in his own small lab at home.
After a longer break, Uwe rediscovered from 2010 on photography for himself. The meanwhile more matured possibilities of the pure digital workflow increasingly fascinated him. He studied digital cameras, techniques of digital photography, software-based development process and inkjet printing for some years. His job as engineer in the field of camera development for driver assistance systems in the automotive industry was most helpful in this self-taught period.
Uwe enhanced his photographic skills over several years at miscellaneous workshops, led by well-known professional photographers, like Bruce Barnbaum and Alexander Ehhalt, in Europe and USA.
Uwe Beutnagel-Buchner is meanwhile exclusively photographing with digital cameras, mainly natural landscapes, cityscapes and man-made environments. His works are originated preferably in southern and northern Europe, but also in southern part of Germany, in the vicinity of this hometown Stuttgart. He is developing and printing his works by himself in his studio at home.

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